New Vintage by Nancy Abney

Upcycled Aprons & Accessories



                The New Vintage Story

New Vintage is about making something old new again. I recycle second-hand clothing and salvaged textiles into fun, eco-friendly accessories with vintage flair.

Developed through a slow, contemplative process that emphasizes playfulness and thrift, New Vintage creations are one-of-a kind pieces of wearable art: Aprons, clothing, bags, and funky fashion accessories.

By reclaiming materials and recycling them, sewing with care & creativity, I preserve the “vintage” aesthetic of hand crafting beautiful goods of lasting quality.


A native of Sand Mountain, AL, I learned the art of repurposing virtually everything from my crafty mom. “Junking” was a way of life: In other peoples’ cast-offs there were potential treasures.

Sew Pretty with Hello Kitty

My stitching adventures began with the confluence of 3 great forces: A stash of vintage dress patterns, a master-seamstress mentor, and a Hello Kitty Sewing Machine.

Why Aprons?

The truth is, I did not choose aprons; they chose me. I was on a thrifting excursion when inspiration spoke: “That’s an unfortunate-looking skirt...but it would make a great apron.” When the muse speaks, act or not, and your path is chosen.

When people ask me where I find the materials for my New Vintage Upcycled creations, I tell them: You’d be surprised what people throw away.